All-metal variable leak valve

October 29, 2015

In the pursuit of continuous improvement and providing added value to our customer, VAT has developed the stepper motor driven “All-metal variable leak valve” with integrated pressure controller.

The controlled Series 590 variable leak valve combines two distinguished characteristics of VAT product lines: The excellent quality of VAT All-metal valves, well known and proven in the research and surface analytical industries, and the leading edge technology of VAT's control valves, known from butterfly and gate valve control systems in semiconductor and thin film production.

Since its successful market launch in autumn 2013, the S590 variable leak valve has been utilized in a wide range of applications. The valve enables simple and user friendly system pressure regulation for the whole vacuum range from rough vacuum to XHV. Thanks to the integrated closed control loop the valve automatically stabilizes and compensates environmental influences like temperature changes. The valve allows precise and reproducible pressure control and closes reliable leak tight.

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