A sustainable strategy for competitive success

The Digital Revolution is one of the most important trends shaping – and fundamentally transforming – the lives of people everywhere. It enables more and more people to share information instantly, improve daily routines and drive innovation. Economic growth in many areas depends on it and it enables more efficient use of resources. Working models have changed thanks to the use of digitalization, allowing people to work and learn remotely thereby, reducing the environmental impact of travel. Many achieve­ments in modern healthcare would not have been possible without the use of digital devices, but perhaps the biggest positive impact of digitalization is society’s ability to address one of the most urgent global challenges – climate change – in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Ultimately, digitalization has the potential to further improve the quality of life and equality of opportunity for millions, while at the same time playing a role in limiting the negative environmental impacts on our planet.

This new digital world relies on more complex and powerful semiconductors, and VAT plays an important role in this transformation. Manufacturing these advanced devices can only be done in the purest vacuum environment, and VAT’s leading-edge vacuum valve technology is a key contributor to that process.

The contribution digitalization can make to business globally was highlighted in 2023 with the mass adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with OpenAI and Bing creating the ability for users to create new applications and even new business models. For AI to deliver on its promises, the latest technologies in semiconductor design and production are required and VAT’s technology and market leadership in advanced semiconductor manufacturing positions the company to capture the growth potential presented by these technologies.

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