New CPA 3.0 for download available

October 31, 2012

News and impovements in CPA 3.0

  •  Improved user-friendliness and easy operation
  • Clear menu overview  (explorer style)
  • Status bar with information of connected valve
  • All valve series are supported (including 61.5 and 65.2)
  • Dialog based setup and control within CPA (less terminal commands necessary)
  • Setup of all control algorithms in windows (dedending on firmware of valve)


This new software release provides control functions for the following control valves if equipped with an integrated controller.

  • Series 61.2, 61.5, 64.2, 65.0, 65.1, 65.2 and series 95.1 & 95.2 as 61.2


Using this software, basic functions like “setup of  controller”, “open valve”, “close valve”, “learn”, “up- download of learned data” can be executed, and many convenient functions like “monitoring pressure/position”, “analysis of pressure control performance”, “communication monitor”, etc. are available.

For download of CPA 3.0 and installation instruction refer to