New S59.0 All-metal Variable Leak Valve

March 14, 2013

VAT, worldwide leader in vacuum valve technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its New S59.0 All-Metal Variable Leak Valve to its already extensive range of vacuum valves.
With its innovative mechanism design allowing fine gas control, repeatability over a large pressure range, closing to a mechanical stop to give a reliable leak tight position without the risk of over tightening, bakeable to 300oC in closed position and no requirement for lubrication during the specified lifetime of the valve, it offers a user friendly & maintenance free solution. Actuation is performed by a knurled manual actuator with a 22 full-turn range from leak tight through 9 decades of flow control. A linear & rotary visual scale is also provided.
The stepper motor driven Variable Leak Valve is to be launched in Q2 / 2013.
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