VAT Edge welded Bellows

October 16, 2015

VAT, Incorporated, (October 2015) – VAT custom engineered edge welded bellows are designed and manufactured to the most advanced specifications on the market. When it comes to high purity bellows that are particle and surface contaminant free, VAT is the undisputed leader.

VAT’s production of welded bellows is world class especially in process automation. VAT welded bellows production systems are located in a cleanroom of class ISO 8 and governed by a quality management system to guarantee leak tightness.  Quality controls on the production floor allow only the parts that meet the necessary specifications to be shipped.

VAT’s experienced sales engineers are highly competent in a range of applications and understand the complexities in designing and launching new products. Proprietary calculation software allows rapid development while a highly competent operations team streamlines the process for maximum time and cost efficiency.

Across all industries VAT bellows offer incredible value for a premium product. VAT welcomes the opportunity to develop a proposal for your welded bellows application. 


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