VAT puts in place the foundations for accelerated growth and improved profitability

April 16, 2015

In the 12 months since VAT was purchased by Capvis and Partners Group the company’s management board, led by CEO Reto Loepfe, has worked with the new Board of Directors to put in place the foundations for accelerating top-line growth while improving profitability.

Our ambition to improve the value of VAT will be achieved by a program of initiatives called VAT Motion.

Accelerated growth will be achieved by:

  1. Expanding and strengthening our organization in Asia to bring us closer to our customers in this region so we can respond to their needs quickly and competently.
  2. Working with our OEM customers to provide complete modules for integration into their semi-conductor production systems, which will help them reduce costs while simplifying their own operations.
  3. Extending our service offering beyond after-sales repair by offering our customers reduced downtime through tailored programs of upgrades and planned replacements.
  4. Investing in our bellows business, COMVAT, to expand in the USA and Asia where there is significant unrealized potential.
  5. Extending our core vacuum valve competencies to pursue new business opportunities beyond our existing customers in the semi-conductor, flat-panel display, and photovoltaic sectors.

Operative Excellence refers to a comprehensive program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our global manufacturing and supply chain operations.