VAT releases its Sustainability Report 2023, showing progress against inaugural mid-term targets for Greenhouse Gas emissions and employee diversity targets set in 2022

  • 45% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions year-over-year
  • Renewable energy proportion of the energy mix up to 68% (versus 62% in 2022)
  • Female hires in 2023 at 24% versus 22% in 2022
  • Employee engagement score up for the 7th year in a row
April 19, 2024

VAT, the leading global supplier of high-end vacuum valves, published its third annual Sustainability Report today, providing stakeholders with a broader and more robust range of environment, social and governance (ESG) metrics, the progress made versus its inaugural ESG targets and an overview over its external ESG ratings.

VAT’s improvements demonstrate the increased priority given to sustainability and ESG performance by the Board of Directors and executive management, as well as the growing awareness of many ESG topics within the company. The execution of the ESG measures and targets from the company’s mid-term strategic plan back in 2022 have gained companywide traction.

“VAT includes sustainability considerations in how we operate the business, and we have embedded ESG performance criteria in our strategic plan,” said Martin Komischke, Chairman of VAT’s Board of Directors. “We will continue to make progress in our ESG efforts, and we have started to take additional important steps towards our goal to become an ESG leader in our industry.”

The Sustainability Report 2023 has again improved data collection over the Sustainability Report 2022 in areas such as GHG emissions, energy consumption, and waste generation. The report is compliant with the Swiss directive on non-financial disclosure, applicable going forward for the first time for the business year 2023.

Stakeholder dialog

Following up on initiatives started in 2022, VAT has continued measured alignment with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct in areas such as labor practice, health and safety, environment, ethics, and management systems.

“For VAT, the integration of ESG principles into its business strategy, operational processes and company culture will remain a management priority in 2024,” said Urs Gantner, CEO. “In line with the company’s ESG targets, VAT will focus on climate protection, sustainable resource use, and increased employee diversity.”

VAT continues to engage with ESG and stewardship teams of its investor base and incorporates feedback received on best practices and recommended verification providers and rating agencies.


The Sustainability Report 2023 is available in English and can be downloaded from VAT’s website.