Wafer throughput improvement in HARP and eHARP process with X2 bonded gate

June 07, 2012

VAT's new X2 bonding without chemical agents generates a more process resistant bond. Therefore a gate lasts longer in harsh processes.​

HARP and eHARP are non-plasma based CVD oxide films that address the gap fill
requirements for shallow trench isolation (STI) unit processes at next generation
geometries. Both processes introduce water vapour to the TEOS/Ozone chemistry.

With the use of X2 bonded gates, wafer throughput between maintenance cycles will be significantly improved.
X2 is a bonding method that allows elastomers to be attached to aluminum without chemical agents.
The absence of chemical agents generates a more process resistant bond and therefore a gate that lasts longer in harsh process environments.
The combination of X2 bonding and process tailored elastomers has the potential for doubling wafer cycles before maintenance is required.
VAT now offers X2 bonded gates with most elastomers, FKM and FFKM, from all major elastomer manufacturers.